I know a LOT of people have been following the story of my friend Jason Moore. A bunch of people have been sending positive vibes and prayers for Jason and his family during his life-threatening health scare. I am so excited to share the best update so far - Jason is home!

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To quickly bring you up to speed, Jason was very suddenly and unexpectedly admitted to the hospital in late 2019. From there it was a wave of bad news - just one thing after another going wrong. The prognosis was not good. Jason's wife Cassie and his two kids, Hudson and Harper, were faced with the very real possibility that Jason may not survive. Family, friends and the community rallied around him and lifted up his family with donations and prayers. Slowly but surely, day after day and week after week, Jason's condition started to improved.

So here we are now, months later, and Jason is back home where he belongs! Cassie shared the good news on Facebook...

After 76 days in the hospital, I got to bring this man home on Tuesday and it made me soo happy! We are continuing his healing at home on home health and out patient visits/ therapy. We were both nervous but so excited! The kids and the rest of my family were waiting for us outside and jumping for joy when we pulled up! We have been so blessed with help and support throughout this entire process. Please keep Jason in your prayers as we make this transition.

He certainly still has a long way to go in his recovery, but this is definitely leaps and bounds in the right direction. I can't wait to hear Jason on the radio again and to see him and Hudson doing their thing on those Audubon Chrysler commercials.

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