Christmas is full of holiday cheer and sometimes, kids can be unpredictable when they see Santa Claus.  Parents, you know what I'm talking about?  

Some are happy, some are crying, some are screaming, some are quiet, some are sleeping, while others are puzzled and want nothing to do with Santa!   lol.  It’s not so easy for some parents to get that perfect picture of their children with Santa!

Well, my daughter, Jaclyn took my 2 grandson’s to get their picture taken with Santa just last night (Indy).  Parker is on the left and Roman is on right. Parker is really checking out Santa and trying to figure out who he is!   And, neither of them are crying!  Yay!  Roman, is really in the spirit of Santa and Christmas, isn’t he?  To me, this pic is so precious and priceless!

You just never know what kids will do when you place them on Santa’s lap for that perfect picture!  I bet you have some great pics to share of your little ones. Feel free to share!  Merry Christmas!

credit Deb Turner
credit Deb Turner
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