Sure, you know your chronological age, but, have you ever gone online to take your true biological age test?  It reflects how healthy your insides are. Try this calculated method that reveals how old you are on the inside.  

So, maybe you've heard being 40 is the new 30? Or, 50 is the new 30, etc. Well,  I checked out ABC Health and Wellbeing's website and took this age test.  It takes under 30 minutes to reveal your "Fitness Age."

Professor Ulrik Wisloff prefers the term 'fitness age' because it turns out one thing that says a lot about the health of your body's tissues is your fitness level.

photo credit by Deb Turner
At the Gym; photo credit by Deb Turner

I'm very active and visit the gym 2-3 per week, however I sit all day long at computers - working full-time here at MY 105.3 WJLT.  I will tell you I am over 50+  and the test just revealed that my Fitness Age is 47 and I'm pretty excited about that!

It's your turn!  Click HERE to take your inner age test. You can also visit ABC Health and Wellbeing's Website HERE.

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