At my house this year on Christmas day, we'll probably be eating a ham because my husband gets a free one from work. But, in Christmases past, I've mostly roasted a turkey.  And, I've also made some non-traditional dishes that my kids wrinkled their noses to. 

Christmas Dinner
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Many Christmases ago, I remember trying something different for our Christmas meal, so, I made a mushroom casserole with sausage that included about 4-5 different varieties of mushrooms.  My son insisted that he wasn't going to like it before he even tried it!  But, after sampling a little taste, he loved it and couldn't stop eating it! Voila!

I remember my mom would make us turkey or her homemade lasagna on Christmas day.  My Grandma would make us homemade lasagna and would serve her fresh baked Italian cookies or cannoli's for dessert.

So, what will you be preparing for your Christmas dinner this year?   Turkey, ham, or something different? Honestly, no matter what you prepare for your Christmas dinner -  I think the most important thing is sitting down together and sharing memories with your loved ones - no matter what the food is on the table.

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