It's now an annual tradition that I present Bobby with his birthday surprises on air. This year, I decided to give him prank gifts, until his real gift arrives.

If you have ever heard us talking about Poison's frontman, Brett Michaels, you know how much Bobby can't stand him. I'm not really sure what his personal beef is with Mr. Michaels, but it is certainly hilarious to egg him on.

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A couple of weeks ago I found a Brett Michaels Pop Vinyl figure and I thought that it would be so funny to get it for Bobby. Last year, I got him the Alex Trebek Pop, because he loves Jeopardy. Once I got the Brett Michaels figure home, I decided that I might like to have it!  After all, Bobby wouldn't really want to keep it, would he? Oh, and I have been meaning to give him the Guy Fieri BBQ sauce for almost a year.

I decided to incorporate my Throwback Thursday song into the gift presentation - Poison 'Nothin' but a Good Time', Of Course!

Well, things were just a little awkward when Bobby said he wanted to keep the mini Brett Michaels! We have made a compromise, and the Pop will live in our studio. He is even keeping the super-certified FAKE autographed photo right where he can see it.

This might make you think that this hatred for poor B.M. is just Bobby being dramatic because 'Every Rose has its Thorn' brings back memories of a high school dance?

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