On the morning of May 30th, someone dumped kittens at Warrick County Animal Control, when they were closed. Now, Warrick County Animal Control is asking for your help in identifying the person responsible for this cruel and illegal act.

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The post reads:

Dumping an animal is cruel and illegal. Warrick County Animal Control is needing your help in finding the person responsible for dumping kittens this morning 5/30/2022. WCAC is closed today due to it being Memorial Day. This could have been settled tomorrow when we are open. Please call WCAC at 812-897-6107.

I reached out to Warrick County Animal Control about this incident and they said:

It is very cruel and illegal. We have signs posted around the building. Anything could have happened to them, stray dogs, the coyotes across the field, being left in the full sun with no food and water. Because we are a county-run facility we were closed on Memorial Day. The kittens were lucky to have been seen by the staff cleaning that morning.

Just how illegal is the act of dumping animals? According to Lawyers.com

It’s a misdemeanor in Indiana to abandon or neglect an animal in your custody. Animal neglect includes:

  • endangering an animal’s health by not giving it food and water
  • not providing care or seeking veterinary treatment for a dog or cat that’s seriously injured or sick
  • leaving a dog or cat outside without protection from extreme heat or cold, and
  • restraining an animal in a way that seriously endangers its life or health, or with a chain or tether that’s too short, too heavy, or causes choking.

The crime bumps up to a felony if the person had a previous conviction for animal abuse. (Ind. Code §§ 35-46-3-0.5, 35-46-3-7.)

Can you help Warrick County Animal Control identify this person? From the photos they shared via security cameras, it's hard to make out any features of the person as far as gender, hair color, and facial features. However, there is a pretty clear image of the vehicle they were driving. The vehicle appears to be a late 90s/early 2000s car that is a brownish-grey color. It looks like it could be a Ford Taurus from the photos. Take a look and see if you can identify this person? If you have any information regarding this matter, call WCAC at 812-897-6107.

Warrick County Animal Control
Warrick County Animal Control
Warrick County Animal Control
Warrick County Animal Control
Warrick County Animal Control
Warrick County Animal Control

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