Season 3 of “This Is Us” seems like it's years away, but, it's just around the corner with the introduction of a new cast member playing Jack’s brother.  So, who is he?

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Michael Angarano will play Nicky Pearson, Jack’s brother and forgive me, but, I’m not too familiar with this actor.

According to US Magazine, here’s everything you need to know about the Michael Angarano:

  • He portrayed Jack McFarland’s (Sean Hayes) son, Elliot on Will & Grace
  • Anna Farris’ boyfriend on Mom
  • A teen hostage on 24
  • Guest appearances in Summerland, ER, and more
  • Tobey Maguire’s flashback character of Red Pollard in Seabiscuit
  • A young William in Almost Famous

You may have seen him in the 1999 film Music of the Heart starring Meryl Streep and Cloris Leachman, And, 13 years ago, he dated Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.

Will this 30-year old actor from Brooklyn, NY grab our hearts and make us cry?  We’ll see. And, yes, probably, if he's anything like his brother, Jack.  Season 3 of This Is Us airs Tuesday, September 25 on NBC; 8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern.

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