I am a creature of habit. My life is basically a series of daily routines, and when I deviate from those routines, my world gets thrown out of whack. I'm gonna go ahead and blame one of those recent changes for what you're about to read.

Every morning, when Liberty and I are done with the show, I make a visit to the men's room. You could almost set your watch to it. Today, however, I had to use a different bathroom than usual. Our bathroom, on the 6th floor, is closed for some maintenance, so I had to use the bathroom on the first floor. I had never used that bathroom before, so it was a whole new experience - a big change from my normal routine. I finished my business and came back up to our floor - unbeknownst to me, I left my phone in the stall on the first floor.

Luckily, some kind man found my phone and took the time to make sure it was returned to me. This is my shout-out to him.

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To the man who found my phone in the bathroom...

Thank you, sir, for taking the necessary steps to get my phone back to me - you really went above and beyond what I think most folks would do. You very easily could have left it in the stall, or on the sink, or maybe even turned it into the building's office. Instead, you opened my phone (which was unlocked), went into my contacts, and called the people who would most likely be able to tell you how to find me. Not one, not two, but three phone calls were made - the first to my mom, who was playing golf; the second to my dad, who passed away in 2016; and finally to my wife, who answered and pointed you in the right direction.

My wife and I both appreciate the fact that you recognize a call like this might be startling or upsetting to a spouse. My wife kinda freaked out when you said "I found your husband's phone," thinking I was in an accident or I maybe had a heart attack. You quickly calmed her nerves, which was super cool of you. It was also super cool that you (as far as I know) didn't use my phone for any nefarious purposes. I have yet to find any disturbing photos in my gallery, and no inappropriate messages sent to random people in my contacts. You're a good man, and I owe you one.


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Take a minute to listen to the conversation I had with my wife, after the fact. I really wanted to hear how this played out from her perspective. It's pretty funny stuff.

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