One of the best summer activities is going for nice swim or just chilling by the pool for the day, right?  Well, this year for a lot of us those days by the pool have been in short supply.  Thanks to public pools in the area being closed for the season we have had to find alternate ways to stay cool this summer.  Maybe that's having a cool makeshift pool made from a cattle trough or just going for broke and putting in your very own pool.  Well, be advised because there could be a scam attached to your summer fun.

Since more people have been putting in pools this summer, more specifically above ground pools, pool companies are running short on supplies.  So, some folks have turned to buying above ground pools online.  The Tri-State Better Business Bureau is warning would-be pool owners to watch out for scammers if they are buying are in fact looking to buy online.  If you are looking to buy a pool this year the Better Business Bureau is offering a few tips to help you out.

  • Look out for prices that are "too good to be true"- We all love saving money and scammers love using that to their advantage. So, you could end up buying a pool that never shows up or something that is nothing close to what you ordered.
  • Make sure the company address is legitimate-If you can't find the address or it doesn't show up anywhere, you've got a scammer
  • Pay with credit card or some form of secure payment method-This makes it easier to dispute the charge if you have been scammed or feel as though you have been.

It's unfortunate but people stink sometimes and will try to take advantage of any situation they can.  Even if it's ruining your summer.   So, if you are looking to buy a pool keep these things and mind and you should be good to go.

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