When a 3 year old dog came to Groomindales in Newburgh in horrible condition after not being groomed for 3 years, they knew they had to help her. Her transformation is incredible. 

It's hard to tell here, but this is a photo of the dog sitting sideways looking at the camera.  The mattes are so bad over her eyes, you can't even see her face. (Photo by Groomingdales)

Groomingdales recently shared a set of photos that were unbelievable on their Facebook page. The photos showed the before, during, and afters of a dog who was in really bad shape. I reached out and had to share this dogs story.

Photo: Groomingdales

According to Groomingdales, the dog was brought to them in an emergency situation the other day. A person had come to acquire this dog, and they knew she was in bad shape and needed help. They called Groomingdales and without hesitation they had to help the poor girl. The new owner of the dog drove all the way from Kentucky just to get her help as soon as possible.  Groomingdales said she was so matted over her eyes that she couldn't even see, and was completely blind.

Thankfully they were able to help her get the new start she needed. She has had a rough go until recently, when someone took her in and decided to love her.  The first 3 years of her life she was not properly cared for, but this is a new start for this sweet pup, and I'm sure if she could talk she'd be thanking her new owners, and Groomingdales for her new start at life.  And just look at her now! It's hard to believe there was a dog under that mass of matted fur, she is cute as can be!

Photo by Groomingdales

This case shows the importance of making sure your dog is properly groomed. Grooming is a part of a dogs basic needs. Different breeds have different needs grooming wise due to the difference in their coats, but it's a part of your pet's care to make sure they're coats are properly groomed.  Any groomer will be happy to educate you on your pets needs, just reach out.

Thank you Groomingdales for helping this sweet girl out, and sharing her story. Her transformation is incredible!