The new Parlor Doughnuts opened to the public for a soft opening, but, it wasn't so soft, according to the shop's owner Darrick Hayden as the crowd lines continued to grow longer and longer.  

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Located conveniently beside Comfort by the Cross Eyed Cricket (and near the MY 105.3 studios) in downtown Evansville at 12 NW Third Street, the new Parlor Doughnuts grand opening turned out to be very well received as many patrons stood in line for hours on Saturday morning.

From a previous blog I did about the new doughnut shop, the tasty treats will have a unique twist.

They always come out hot and fresh, and you can put whatever toppings on them you want, made to order."

I tried visiting this afternoon to check out what they had to offer, but, they were closed.  I happened to find owner Darrick nearby and he said they were extremely happy with Saturday's crowd and will open back up Tuesday, February 5th at 6:30 am. (Can't wait!)

Parlor Doughnuts, downtown Evansville

I took a peek from outside the new Parlor Doughnuts

Parlor Doughnuts, 12 NW Third St., downtown Evansville