It is now official that there is a new Executive Director for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana.  The board of directors for the organization has named Evansville native Andrew Backes the new E.D.   

Board President, Matt Reffett says that Backes “has an excellent background in leadership and non-profit work.”  He also added that Backes is a perfect candidate to lead the organization.   

Speaking on his new position Backes had this to say,  

“It's a great opportunity to be part of a team that serves our region's youth through one-to-one mentoring.  The work we’re doing matters, and it’s humbling to work with a selfless group of people that have chosen to apply their unique skills and talents to a mission that's bigger than our individual selves.” 

With Backes being from Evansville, as well as being an alumnus of the University of Southern Indianahe will be a great asset for our community.  In a recent video on BBBSSWI’s Facebook page Backes was asked why he was passionate about Big Brother Big Sisters in which he responded 

“Our youth are important and right now I don’t think there’s never been a more important time to invest in our youth.  They’re our future, they’re our most vulnerable and it’s a cause worth fighting for.”  

A great answer from someone I’m sure will be a great asset to the youth of the community.  He went on to say that one of the first goals he has for his new position is to grow the number of matches of Bigs to Littles in the organization. Adding that if you would like to become a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can check out more on how to do so on the organization’s website. 

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