We have the Grand Opening date for the new Burlington store that will be opening in Gateway Commons. The off-price retailer's plans to open this spring is getting closer. They're also hiring.


Formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory, the off-price retailer changed their name to simply Burlington. They're so much more than coats after all. When making a shopping trip to Evansville, Burlington is always on the menu. I know that I can find my favorite brands, like Tommy and Calvin, at reduced prices. Now, we can shop those discounts in our own backyard starting on Friday, April 30th, 2021. That's when our new Burlington store will open their doors to the public.

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According to a report from CNN early in the month, "Burlington Stores plans to open 100 new stores this year and sees an opportunity to reach 2,000 US stores in the future, the company said Thursday. Previously, Burlington (formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory) expected to build 1,000 stores. It currently has more than 750 outlets."

Even during the pandemic Burlington stores were thriving. They don't sell merchandise on their website, but they do have some style guides to help with your shopping experience. At Burlington.com they also give you a preview of products that you may find in stores, and some of the pricing parameters. Burlington sells everything from clothing, furniture, home decor items, jewelry, handbags, pet supplies, gifts and more.

Burlington Store 1244 is opening at 2516 Calumet Trace in Owensboro, Kentucky. (270) 297-6770

They're also hiring if you need a job or want to make a job change.

New Burlington Store Set to Open in Gateway Commons

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