“Space!  The final frontier!”  Is honestly one of my favorite topics.  There is so much that we still don’t fully understand about the universe we call home.  Are there other forms of intelligent beings out there?  Will we ever be able to colonize Mars?  What does space smell like?  Wait…what?  Don’t worry you aren’t going crazy I actually asked that.

Of all the things to happen in 2020, I never expected to know the answer to that question.  Now, apparently there is one and you can wear it.  A new perfume/cologne called Eau De Space is lighting up on Kickstarter.  This fragrance supposedly gives off the aroma of what it smells like in space.  It was created by Steve Pearce.  Who, in 2008, was hired by NASA to help train astronauts before they went into space.

So, what does space smell like?  Well, gunpowder.  I wish I was making this stuff up but I’m not.  According to astronaut, Peggy Whitson, space has a bitter and smokey/burnt smell to it.  Bet you can’t wait to try this perfume now, huh?  Other astronauts have also described the smell of space as a combination of gunpowder, steak, raspberries, and rum.  Not too sure how this will smell as a perfume/cologne but it is taking the internet by storm.

As I am writing this article the Kickstarter campaign for Eau de Space has $76, 215 pledged to it.  I’d say a lot of people really want to smell like space on their next date night.  Product Manager, Matt Richmond, has said there are also plans for a follow-up fragrance called Smell of the Moon.  I mean since this one is already taking off why not?

I can’t say I will be rushing out to buy this fragrance.  However, it is cool to see such an interest in it.  As I said earlier, there is so much about space that we don’t know.  But having something that kind of gives you an idea of a certain aspect is pretty cool.

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