All of us at My 105.3 are super happy you've found a radio station that plays the best mix of the '80's, '90's and today's music!  We really do appreciate when you tell us you listen at work, too! 

Bobby G and myself drove around Evansville with some gift bags stuffed with some cool goodies!  Thanks to Linda Sammet and everyone at Magic Moments on N. Royal Avenue in Evansville for listening at work!  Check out this video!  Watch!

Also, to Ellisa David and her co-workers at Deaconess Hospital main campus in the Cardiovascular Lab!   Our hearts go out to you!  (haha)

Deaconess Hospital - Cardiovascular Lab with Ellisa and Deb
Cardiovascular Lab at Deaconess Hospital

If you listen to My 105.3 WJLT at work, let us know!  Visit our website HERE.