Dreams really do come true.  Soon, there'll be a beautiful completed mural in downtown Evansville that everyone can enjoy.  

Abby Elpers, marketing and communications manager for Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville came up with the idea of a 'self-E 'alley in a dream and now it’s becoming a reality.

Today, I met the artist, Michael Smith, owner of Orange Moon Art Studio who was busy painting the "Greetings from Evansville" mural.  His beautiful work just makes you stop in your tracks. It gives you that "WOW" factor, doesn't it?

Michael Smith, Orange Moon Art Studio Artist; credit by D. Turner

I got a chance to add my little flair to the mural!  lol.

Greetings from Evansville mural by Michael Smith, Orange Moon Art Studio

The Greetings from Evansville mural is located in an alley at 318 Main Street beside Innovation Pointe.  Thank you Michael Smith and GAGE for this new addition to downtown Evansville.

#EisForEveryone  #GreetingsFromEvansville