Since 2001, KIDZ BOP has been pumping out kid-friendly versions of the biggest hits in pop music. The music is performed by kids, for kids - and kids LOVE it! In fact, over the last 18 years KIDZ BOP has sold over 20 million albums.

Kids want to listen to the most popular songs - the songs all of their friends are singing - but a lot of parents aren't ready to for their kids to hear all of the lyrics to those songs. That's where KIDZ BOP steps in to save the day. They change up some of those lyrics to make them more appropriate for young ears.


The fun has moved from the CD player to the stage with KIDZ BOP Live tours every year too. In 2020, KIDZ BOP Live will play the Amphitheatre at White River State Park in Indianapolis on August 22nd. Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 10th at all Ticketmaster locations and online here.

We want to give you the chance to win tickets before you can buy them. We want to see if you can spot the difference between the KIDZ BOP and the original version of pop music's biggest hit songs. We'll give you a chance to play and win tickets each day during the MY Morning Show - keep listening for that cue to call.

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