I've thought a lot about how I wanted to talk about this.  If I even wanted to talk about it all.  By now we all have seen the extreme damage that Hurricane Laura has done to southwest Louisiana and parts of Texas.  For a lot of us it's hard to see and we feel for those people going through it.  For me, it really hits close to home.

Before I came to work in the Tri-State I lived Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Right where the hurricane came through.  I worked in a building that is now demolished and lived in the middle of the city that is now hard to recognize.  But buildings and structures can be replaced and mended.  What can't be fixed, however, is the affect something like this has on people's lives.  This will be with them forever.

I met a lot of great people during my time in Lake Charles.  I'm happy to say that those relationships will be something that I cherish for forever.  I hate knowing that people who were more than good to me have to go through something like this.  However, I do know that they are going to get through this.

One thing I can say for certain, is that the people of southwest Louisiana are some of the most loyal, caring, and passionate people I have ever met.  They are proud of where they come from and they have no problem showing it.  I often heard the phrase "Welcome to God's county, Yankee".  To them, there is no place better.  Even with the miserably hot summers and humidity.

They know how to have a good time.  If you've never experienced a true Louisiana Mardi Gras ball, I highly recommend it.  You also can't beat watching an LSU football game with true Tiger fans.  Especially if they are playing for a National Championship.   Laissez les bons temps rouler.  Also, if you travel down to the land of the bayous, you better bring your appetite.  Most social gatherings revolve around food.  If you leave hungry, that's on you.  Actually, you probably won't leave anywhere hungry because everyone wants to feed you.  Southern hospitality is a real thing.

Now, in all seriousness my heart goes out to everyone affected  by the hurricane.  I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through.  Please, stay safe and take care of yourselves.  You will get through this.

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