The Evansville Rescue Mission has done a fantastic job bringing life to Indiana's oldest enclosed mall. Evansville Goodwill shared plans to renovate another large space inside Washington Square Mall, and to have it completed by next year.

Throwback Pic of Sears Back in the Day


Renovation Celebration

The next area of Washington Square Mall to get renovated will be the former Sears store. Evansville Goodwill will house their corporate office, thrift store, mission programs, and the future Excel Center for Evansville.

Photo: Renovation Celebration: Evansville Goodwill
Photo: Renovation Celebration: Evansville Goodwill

What is an Excel Center?

The Excel Center is a free high school for adults. This is a lot more than just getting a GED. Students will actually graduate and receive a diploma.

The Excel Center provides support services such as on-site child care, transportation assistance, and college credit and industry-recognized certification courses – all at no cost. Through access to additional Goodwill programs such as employment and disability services, a criminal re-entry program and services for first-time mothers, The Excel Center is able to help remove barriers to education and empower individuals to achieve their goals.

There are 14 Excel Centers in the state of Indiana, but none of those are in Southwest Indiana. There will be 300 seats available in August of 2024 at Evansville Goodwill, inside Washington Square Mall.

Photo: Renovation Celebration: Evansville Goodwill
Photo: Renovation Celebration: Evansville Goodwill
  • Free Child Care

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Employment Services

  • Support for First-Time Mothers

  • Goodwill Mission Coaches

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