Last night's Blues Traveler concert at The Victory Theatre was pretty high up there on my list with some of the best shows I've seen.  John Popper is probably the BEST harmonica player I've ever seen at a live show. His talent and ability to play that tiny mouth instrument was amazing...and unbelievable.  After the show, I asked John how he plays the harmonica so fast ....and so unbelievably well the way he does.  

But, before I get to that, I had the pleasure of staying for the entire show at the Victory Theatre.  The band got on stage around 9:30 following the opening act and played until around 11 pm.  There were moments, like, during "Runaround" that I jumped out of my seat to sway with the rest of the crowd.  Some of the songs, I'll be honest, I didn't know, but, I enjoyed everyone of them.  Smooth, bluesy, and rock-n-roll throughout the night just kept the crowd going and going.

For most people, like me and my husband, who have to get up early and go to work the next day, I did notice some of crowd thinning out last night and I'm pretty sure it wasn't because they didn't enjoy Blues Traveler, but, because it was pretty late when the show ended. But, the die-hard fans true to the Blues, stayed until the very end of the concert which ended around 11pm.

After the show, I had a chance to ask John Popper backstage how he plays the harmonica so fast and so well the way he does! He probably gets that question a lot! lol.  He responded with a smile, "A lot of practice."  And there you have it kids.  Practice, practice, practice  - whatever your talents are you too can  make it happen!

Here's some pics of the concert last night:

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