Have you ever taken notice which direction your windshield wipers wipe?

I know it's crazy, but, I think my windshield wipers are the only ones on the road that wipe in a crazy direction.

As I'm driving into work today, raining of course, I noticed most windshield wipers were wiping side to side.  Mine doesn't do that!  Mine wipe from the outside to the inside! I own a Dodge Caravan and was just curious if mine is the only car on the road that the wipers swipe from the outside to inside?  lol

And, another thing!  Have you ever noticed how your wipers are in sync to the song playing on the radio? (sometimes, of course)  Driving into work listening to MY 105.3, my wipers were in sync with the song that was playing, "To Be With You" by Mr. Big.  How strange, but cool!

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