Michele Adams of Robards, KY is in the end stage of colon cancer, and her daughter was very determined to get one of her final requests filled, even if it meant contacting the, 'God of Thunder'.

Michele's daughter, Clara, is very determined, and it paid off! Chris Hemsworth sent Michele a personal video message. Obviously, this is super cool, and we had to talk with her about it, but when I initially reached out to my friend Andrea (Her relative) I didn't know that Michele was in the end stage of cancer. So, I honestly wasn't sure how to approach the interview, knowing that the reason we were talking, and the reason she got the video, was because she is so close to dying. Michele has a very positive outlook on life, however. Listening to her talk about how great God is, and that she has truly been blessed, will make you rethink your next negative social media post.

Today I’m so very thankful for social media. It can carry a bunch of garbage with it, and all of this hate I’ve been fighting against with all of the political minefields being strewn about. However it can bring GREAT beauty, as I have seen on my page alone: HS classmates checking on each other, comforting complete strangers that have just lost a family pet, becoming friends with someone I would never geographically meet...but have so much in common with, donating to charities knowing that every single penny goes to a cause and not a CEO’s paycheck, letting people know that dying isn’t as bad as their fears, helping someone who’s family member is dying, and spreading L-O-V-E! God is so very good, and He loves every single one of us...as we are...right where we are in our life. I’m choosing love, which doesn’t mean I’ll always agree with you, but in our disagreement we can still love each other, and respect the opinions of others. God is so very good to me (and you)! When you have every single reason to wallow in hate, choose love...again and again!

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