Back in the fall, I told you that one of the best cereals of all-time would be releasing a new candy bar.  A month or so after that it was announced that the same brand would be releasing a coffee creamer.  Well, now my friend I am very happy to say that the fine folks at Post Cereal have outdone themselves with this one.  Currently available for your enjoyment is Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream.

One of the reasons I love the internet is because you can randomly stumble upon great news like this.  Thanks to a great Instagram page, candyhunting, I have learned that there is yet another great spin-off of the iconic cereal, Fruity Pebbles.  I do think that mixing ice cream and cereal is a no brainer.  Now I know that certain cereals do not make for the best ice cream but you have to admit that Fruity and Cocoa Pebble ice cream is genius.

According to the Instagram post, the flavor profiles of the two new ice creams are as follows,

“The Fruity Pebbles flavor has fruity cereal milk light ice cream, candy bits, and a fruity swirl. The Cocoa Pebbles flavor has cereal milk and chocolate light ice creams and chocolatey bits.”

I am now making it my mission to find this ice cream.  I will have to do some searching though because I haven’t found any specific stores that are carrying these ice creams but apparently, they have been spotted at several different places.  Challenge accepted.

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