How often do you scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and see something that stops you in your tracks?  Something so awesome that you can barely contain your excitement.  Well, today I had one of those moments.

I have discovered a true gift to mankind that I must share with you.  Fruity Pebbles candy bars are now a thing.  I’ll let you process that for a second.  Okay, you good?  So, apparently, you can find these new candy bars at Walmart.  They aren’t being heavily promoted just yet, so you need to pay close attention if you are looking to get your hands on these candy bars.

Now, for the most important part.  What exactly goes into a Fruity Pebbles candy bar?  Well, from what I can find, the candy bar consists of white cream or a chocolate base with the delicious cereal mixed in.  Plus, they come in king size.  It just keeps getting better.

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New Fruity Pebbles candy bars are out now at Walmart! Huge thanks to @andyjarnold for the picture!

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Growing up, and still to this day, Fruity Pebbles was one of my all-time favorite cereals.  Yes, I know the cereal is only good for about two minutes before it gets soggy.  However, you can’t tell me that those first two minutes of enjoying the cereal aren’t magical.  So just imagine how good these candy bars will taste since you don’t have to worry about them getting soggy.

If you are out shopping today or at some point this week and you happen to find at least one Fruity Pebbles candy bar, please let me know.  I promise I will do the same for you.

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