Does this sound familiar?  I've got some spring flowers starting to come up and I don't know if I should be happy or sad!  Do I cover them up when it gets very cold or not?  

I have several hyacinths and daffodils that are beginning to come up and some other spring greenery and it's exciting to see, but, yet, I don't know if they're premature in sprouting. Should I cover them up when it gets too cold?

hyacinth; credit by Deb Turner
daffodil; credit by Deb Turner

I made a call to Comb's Landscape and Garden Center and they told me to leave the plants alone and not to bother covering them.

I also checked for some answers and the advice was do not worry too much!

 If your bulbs are starting to come up early, they are simply reacting to the weather around them, which is out of your control. Think about it this way: if these bulbs where growing in the wild (as they originally did), they would experience this same thing from time to time and would still flourish without the intervention of any human. A little bit of foliage growth during freezing temperatures is not a big deal for these bulbs and should not affect their flowering in the months to come. If this happens in the wintertime, chances are that more cold weather is on its way. In this environment, the foliage will yellow and die back, returning the bulb to its “dormancy” period. This is completely normal and should just be allowed to happen

I guess I can relax and just let Mother Nature do her job!