This past week, I was looking for a Valentine's card for my husband and I came across a 45 vinyl record!  First of all, I was surprised to see a record at the card store.  And then, I just started thinking back to my own 45 record collection when I was growing up. 

Inxs 45 record; credit by Deb Turner
Inxs 45 record; credit by Deb Turner

Yes, I grew up with 45 records sometimes known as single records.  They have the hit song by the artist on one side and usually a lesser known song by the same artist on the other side.  I've still got a bunch of 45's at home.  And, I still own a collection of albums, too.  I think half of them are scratched up and will skip if you played them today!  lol.  Most of my friends that owned albums got rid of theirs, but, I still have some of my favorites, like, America's first album, Earth Wind & Fire, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller Band, Peter Frampton, Aerosmith, Boston, Madonna, Carol King, Donna Summer and more!

Like they say, "What goes around comes around again."


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