You know when your friends tell you something totally unbelievable and you're like, No Way! As soon as they tell you, you know they are full of it. You know that there is no possible way what they are telling you is true. They will swear on their mother's grave that it's true, but you know there it can't be. It just doesn't make any sense.

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They're just trying to B.S. you, right? We all have those kinds of friends. One of our friends gives us unusual stories and facts every morning. We asked her to do it. But this morning, she told us something that was so unbelievable, so disgusting, we had to look it up for ourselves.

Our friend, Mary, who calls into the show every weekday morning, told us about the infamous, Sourtoe Cocktail.

One of her friends from her class in high school sent her a message to back up her unbelievable fun fact.

You're so right Mary. I know and it tastes like an old toe smells. Really, been there, years ago, had to try it, and lost a bet...yikes, every now and then when I change insoles on my sneakers, I catch a whiff and bam I'm right back there, it's an old frost-bitten petrified toe, they keep in a jar of whiskey behind the bar....yuk and

What is a Sourtoe Cocktail?

We warn you, it's disgusting, but it's very real. Legend has it that...

Established in 1973, the Sourtoe Cocktail has become a <span tabindex="0"><span class="povykd" tabindex="0" data-enable-toggle-animation="true" data-extra-container-classes="ZLo7Eb" data-hover-hide-delay="1000" data-hover-open-delay="500" data-send-open-event="true" data-theme="0" data-width="250" data-ved="2ahUKEwjRqKvP07P8AhWEKX0KHa2oBg4QmpgGegQIExAD"><span class="JPfdse" data-bubble-link="" data-segment-text="Dawson City">Dawson City</span></span></span> tradition and is exactly what it sounds like: an actual human toe that has been dehydrated and preserved in salt used to garnish a drink of your choice.

- Atlas Obscura


When we researched the cocktail, we found out that, now, several different toes are used in the drinking of the Sourtoe Cocktail. You can even donate your own toe to be used as a garnish.

One man lost his toe to frostbite, another to Gout. Both men donated their toes to the cause LOL

How to get a Dawson City, Yukon - Sourtoe Cocktail?


According to USAToday,

You first pay for your shot of choice, then pay an extra $6 ($8 CAD) to one of the "Toe Captains," the servers who administer the toe-filled drinks and go over the rules: You must let the toe hit your lips but no biting, chewing or putting the toe in your mouth is allowed. Swallowing the toe will also land you with a fine of about $1,900.

I guess the fine must fluctuate between $1900 and $2500 depending on the Toe Captain.

Take a look at Jacob Shutte actually during a Sourtoe Cocktail and getting a certificate for his insanity.

Would We Try It?

Ryan O'Bryan -

I am pretty open to trying new things, especially when it comes to food, but I have my limit and this definitely jumps WAY beyond that. I also don't think of myself as someone who gets squeamish easily, but just the thought of my lips touching a preserved toe that was actually attached to a human being at some point in time makes me want to gag. Even if I was offered money to do it, there's no amount large enough that would get me to bring that glass anywhere near my mouth. No way.

Leslie Morgan -

It's a hard NO on the Sourtoe Cocktail. I can't even stand the sight of guacamole, no less a severed toe in my whiskey. I don't need a certificate or bragging rights that bad. Remind me, if I'm ever in the Yukon to NEVER make any kind of that involves Dawson City.


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