National Nurse's Day is Wednesday, May 6th and MY105.3 along with Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union, want to say THANK YOU to all the nurses in our community. We'll shine a spotlight on some of those nurses several times a day, all week long!

We will shout out a different nurse 3 times a day during the week of May 4th. These are all nurses that have been nominated by you and other folks in the Tri-State.

This spotlight is shining on CARLEE McCORMIC! Carlee is a nurse and Director of Staff Development at Woodlands Nursing and Rehab. She was nominated by Alison Throgmorton who says "From day one my sister was given the job to make sure each and every staff and resident were kept safe in her nursing rehab facility. She had to be briefed and educated on the regulations for the Covid-19 virus for her staff, families, and of course the residents. So, now knowing what she does she had to take in consideration her home life as a single mother and making sure her daughter was safe as well. So she went to work implementing the use of masks, gloves, proper hand washing, and all PPE protocols. Enforcing rules for residents needing to be 6 feet apart or having to remain in their rooms quarantined. Then letting families know they are no longer aloud in the facility to visit their mom, dad, grandparent, or just their loved one unless it’s an emergency situation. So from there on out she had to make sure that the staff were screened daily as well as the residents. Watching the residents become sadder and sadder not understanding what exactly was going on, why can’t our families visit and why can’t we go to activities outside our rooms. Then when the stock of masks started becoming non existent my sister went home and picked up her 2 year old from hospital day care and made homemade masks for the staff. Without even thinking twice she knew she had to protect the ones she loved the staff, residents, herself, and her 2 year old daughter from this horrible virus. I am so proud to tell you that the facility that she works for has had a clean bill of health!!!!! The stress of the job has definitely taken a toll on her many times but never has she lost focus of what her job means. The residents are alive and well, staff is going home doing their job to stay well so they can continue to work, and families know their loved ones are safe and sound. They even did a parade on a beautiful day for the residents, families, and staff to show support and get to briefly see each other as we drove by. My sister wears many hats at work and never backs down from a challenge and takes her job very serious thank goodness!! Thank you woodlands staff for working so hard to keep everyone safe!

From all of us here at MY105.3 and Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union, we say THANK YOU Carlee for all you do each day! We appreciate you!

Do you know a nurse that the rest of the Tri-State needs to know about? We want to hear from you. Here's your chance to brag on them. Just submit your nomination below and we might shine the spotlight on them next!

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