One of Evansville's favorite places to get a stromboli or pizza is giving customers a heads up about an imposter on Facebook.

According to post on the Pizza King Facebook page late Friday morning, a "foreign account" is sending people in the area messages claiming they've won something from the restaurant, and to claim it all they need to do is reply with the word READY in order to check the hacker's profile. What happens if you do that is unclear.

You can see a screengrab of the message here. One fan of the page shared a screengrab of the fake account sending them a friend request as well.

On the surface, the fake page does look legitimate if you're not paying close attention. Whoever's behind it uses the exact same profile and cover photos as the restaurant's page. However, there is one minor detail that gives it away you likely wouldn't catch; in the account's name there's a dash between the words, "Pizza" and "King."

The situation gave the real Pizza King the opportunity to remind its followers they would never contact them, ask for credit card information, or send them a friend request, and asks anyone who receives the request to flag it as a fake account to make Facebook aware.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Something else to keep in mind, company pages are different than personal accounts. They can't send friend requests. They can only invite you to like and follow their page. If you ever get a friend request from a business that you're not sure about, take a screen grab and reach out to the actual business to see if they sent it.

[Source: Pizza King Evansville on Facebook

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