It's crazy to think about how a couple of hours on the red carpet and some well planned photobombs can turn someone into an overnight trending topic. Such is the case for the young woman formerly known as simply 'Fuji Water Girl.' She even has her own (fake) Twitter account!

The aforementioned girl was on the red carpet of the Golden Globe awards Sunday night. Her name is Kelleth Cuthbert and she is a former social worker and model from Toronto. She was at the Globes to provide some refreshing Fuji water for any celebrity that worked up a thirst while posing for the media. In the process of doing her job, Cuthbert managed to find her way into several photos. Her photo bombs were definitely intentional, but she claims it wasn't planned. Cuthbert is super excited to be the first meme of 2019.

Liberty tried to create her own viral moment by following me around this morning!

Liberty-Fuji Water

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