We know how much you love all of those totally awesome songs from the '80s - you are most likely rockin' out to our Feel Good All 80's Weekend right now. Well, we're right there with you, we love 'em too. You probably think you know all those 80's tunes, even the one-hit wonders. Well, I'm here to put that knowledge to the test.

Every year, every decade we are introduced to new one-hit wonders, but I feel like the 1980s has/had more one-hit wonders than any other decade. As the name suggests, a 'one-hit wonder' is a band/group/artist that only has one successful song, one big hit in their career. It's the one and only song most people can name from that artist, and sometimes people don't even remember who sang the song. In this case, we're talking about songs that were released over 35 years ago - that says something about how popular those songs have become.

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What you will find below is a collection of 20 one-hit wonders from the '80s - I realize there are way, way more than that, but I picked 20 of the best (in my opinion). I'll give you a few lines from a song, and then you see if you can name the song.

Before you start taking the quiz, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. There is no official scoring or anything - it's all on the honor system. If you really want to test yourself, then don't cheat - no Googling and no scrolling ahead to see the answer. Also, don't turn into a music snob on me. I guarantee you're going to see an artist on this list and you're going to think "wait a minute, those guys had a bunch of hits." I promise it's going to happen - I can think of a few myself. I'm handing out the 'one-hit wonder' label based on radio hits, not necessarily deeper album cuts that may have had minor success.

So having said all of that, go ahead and start scrolling and let's see how you do. Have fun!

How Well Do You Know One-Hit Wonders From the '80s? Take This Quiz

So, you consider yourself a fan of 80's music? Let's put that to the test. Let's see if you can recognize some popular one-hit wonders just by seeing some of their lyrics. I promise it's not as easy as you might think.

We're using the honor system here, so don't cheat - no Googling and no scrolling ahead. What's the fun in that?!

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