Do you hide when someone that you don't know, rings your doorbell or knocks on your door?

The residents of Carmel, IN might not have to worry about that anymore. Their city council will be voting on a proposed "No-Knock List". A lot like the "No-Call List", your address would be on file and updated on the city's website. Anyone who sells products door to door, already has to register, and if this ordinance passes, they would be required to carry the most current "No-Knock" list. This would not apply to anyone running for office or religious groups. But wait...You mean Girl Scouts and kids selling candy bars have to register and carry a list? Yes, Carmel's Mayor, Jim Brainard said it applies to the kids, too!

“We see most of the youth organizations today aren’t selling door-to-door as much for safety reasons,” he said. “They are selling in front of grocery stores and other businesses that graciously allow them to do so.”

I'm a little torn. On one hand, I don't want your sketchy cleaning stuff, and I'm for sure not buying meat from your truck...But, I don't mind buying a candy bar or ordering random things from neighborhood kids.

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