If you're listening to MY 105.3 at work, we want to give you a shout out. Better yet, we want you on the radio with us! You can send us an audio clip through our app, and we'll feature it sometime throughout the work day.

By sending in your audio clip, you are entered to win a pair of tickets to see 'Baby Shark Live' at The Old National Events Plaza Thursday March 5, 2020 at 6:00P.M.

Here's how it works:

Do you have the MY105.3 app? I'll wait while you download it...

Enter your number to get our free mobile app

Okay...here's what you need to do next.

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Tap "Submit Photo/Video/Audio
  4. Tell us who you are and then tap "Select and Submit Media Now"
  5. Select "Record Short Audio Clip"
  6. Tap the red REC button and tell us your name and where you're working & what you love about MY105.3 and then tap "Done"

EXAMPLE: Hi! This is Sarah, and I'm listening to MY 1053 while I work at Sarah's Flowers in Evansville!


Hi! This is Randy and MY 1053 is MY station at Acme Grocery Store.

 Just make it your own & have FUN with it!

  1. Finally, just tap "Submit" and you'll be good to go!

We might even stop by with 'Baby Shark Live' tickets, to thank you #ListenLocal


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