When you hear the word "monster" what comes to mind?  For me the first thing I think of is Frankenstein's monster, then Dracula, and so on.  Well, one pizza place in Indiana is such a fan of monsters, they've themed their entire pizza joint after them, Famous Monster Pizza.

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I was scrolling through Tik Tok, and saw a video about a pizza place that was filled with monsters.


@famousmonsterpizza Come in and get the Famous Monster Pizza experience! #horror #monster #pizza #frankenstein #robzombie ♬ Dragula - Rob Zombie

The restaurant of my monster-loving dreams.

I figured it was probably somewhere far away or in a big city, but nope, it's right here in Indiana! Now it is a bit of a hike from the Tri-State as it's located in Decatur, Indiana, but it definitely would be worth the drive up! It's called Famous Monster Pizza, and I'm already a big fan just by the name.  I'm one of those people where my house is Halloween year-round, so any chance to get my Halloween/monster fix, I'm all for it!

Famous Monster Pizza serves up delicious pizza while horror and monster memorabilia fill the restaurant walls. I was able to find an interview on YouTube with Famous Monster Pizza owner Max Miller, and he said he has been collecting monster toys and movie memorabilia since the 1970s and one day had an idea to display his collection for everyone to see. Since then the idea slowly morphed and turned into Famous Monster Pizza.

Watch old horror movies while you eat!

Not only is this place filled with memorabilia, they also play classic horror movies to take in while you eat.  Classic horror is my personal favorite to watch while I eat, because I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of gore with my pizza. So classic horror is perfect because you still enjoy a good horror film, but you don't get nauseous doing so.  I made a mistake and watched the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre while eating dinner on Friday night, and that was a don't recommend scenario.

Devilishly Delicious Menu.

This place not only serves up a monster-themed restaurant filled with memorabilia, and horror movies playing in the background, they also stick to the theme with their menu. All of their food items are named after famous monsters.  Here's the pizza page from their menu, I think I'd take a Count Dracula pizza, please!  Add a splash of hot sauce too!

Famous Monster Pizza Menu
Famous Monster Pizza Menu

So. Much. Memorabilia!

When I saw in the video the Munster family hanging on the wall, I knew this place was my kinda people! Check out a walk-through tour of the memorabilia you'll see inside Famous Monster Pizza below.

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