Not all Cubicle Confessions are created equal - some are just silly or comical, some are really embarrassing, and some are just plain gross. My latest confession falls into that last category. It's a confession that I've considered shared for quite some time, but I continued to put it off - until today. But now that I've admitted it to the world, I actually feel way better about it. It's almost like a weight has been lifted off my chest, or should I say my bowels.

Let me set the scene for you - the year was probably 1989 or 1990, which would have made me 14 years old - it was summertime. My family and I were at the ballpark, where I was preparing for a baseball game. On that fateful day, I had something wonky going on in my stomach. I don't remember the details, and they're not important - what I do remember is that I was fighting the dreaded "bubble guts."

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Let me stop right there for a moment, and say that this is your chance to turn away or close out this article if you can't handle hearing about other people's bodily functions. If that kind of thing doesn't bother you, and you like laughing at other people's misfortune, then keep going. What the video below for the rest of the story.

I 100% give you permission to laugh at me for this - I'll be the first to laugh right along with you - that's because I like to think I have a good sense of humor about myself, and because I know that you have probably had a similar experience. It may not have been during a baseball game, but I'm telling you, if you live long enough, it's gonna happen. If you're lucky enough like I was, no one will know that it happened, and you can wait 30 years before you admit it. And if you claimed that it's never happened to you, well, I'm calling you a liar.

I realize the following video doesn't exactly apply, but it is one of my all-time favorite fake ads from Saturday Night Live. I still quote it to this day.

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