When I think back on some of the stupid things I did as a kid, I’m amazed that I didn’t really hurt myself (more), or cause more damage than I did. I proved to my parents, on more than one occasion, why it was not smart to leave me unsupervised. This Cubicle Confession is one such example – one of the earliest I can remember.

I am already thinking about a couple of other times when I acted like an idiot when left to my own devices – I’ll share some of them in future Cubicle Confessions.

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Reflecting on this kind of idiotic behavior makes me realize a couple of things. Some of the stuff I did could be chalked up to ‘stupid kid’ mistakes – this BB gun situation really was an accident. I also realized (or was reminded) how amazing my kids are. Sure, they do silly things from time to time that make me ask “what were you thinking?” but nothing anywhere close to the crap I pulled. I have an almost 18-year-old daughter who we’ve never had to worry about when left alone, and I have an almost 15-year-old son who everyone says looks and acts as I did at the age – I can tell you he’s way better than I was. Either my kiddos really are that well-behaved or they are just really, really good at hiding the stupid stuff they’ve done. I guess time will tell.

I can tell you one thing for sure – I have a whole new appreciation for my parents after thinking about what I put them through.

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