If you asked your classmates from elementary school what they thought of you back then, what would they say? After my Cubicle Confession this week, a lot of you might think that I was an evil little kid. I'll admit that I've always been bossy, and pretty whiney if I don't get my way. This bad behavior probably led to this incident that happened in the third grade. I promise that I haven't broken any more fingers since then!

The Scene of the Crime

Liberty DeWig

Can I Get a Witness?

I knew that students had to see the 'Ray Hornback Incident', but does anyone actually remember it? I've known Tracey Wilkerson since we were in the first grade at Lowell Elementary in Princeton, and he paints the picture of what it was like to be in the same classroom as me.

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Somehow I have protected my Smurfett since the early 80s. I've moved around ten times, and she's probably the oldest keepsake that I still have. Why did Tracy give up his only Smurfette? I assume that I just irritated him, and he gave it to me, so I would stop asking!

Photo: Liberty

I did find a few Smurfette toys on eBay, and this one is selling for around $19 plus shipping.

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