Get ready for a trip down my memory lane. As you might imagine, my quirkiness didn't just appear when I became an adult. I could tell you so many stories about my childhood and teenage years that would explain so much. But I only have time for one of those today, so I decided to step into our Cubicle Confession.

The year was 1990, and I was obsessed with Madonna, Paula Abdul, and Cindy Crawford. It was the summer between middle school ending and high school beginning. I didn't make the cheer tryouts - Not even the mascot - So I decided to explore fame, which I figured would be a free ticket to popular-town.

With my mom's blessing and encouragement (Once I signed up she wouldn't let me back out) I entered the 'Putting on the Hits Lip Sync Contest' at the Gibson County Fair. My self-choreographed performance was to Madonna's Vogue. I took inspiration from Express Yourself for my style. This is where I remind myself that I was 14 years old!

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I wanted my performance to be as accurate as possible, so I had to look the part. I think we can all agree that I had the look down, but did I win fame from my stellar performance...That's a no. For the record, I did not incorporate the milk bowl scene.


Yes, there is a video of my entire performance, but thanks to copywrites, I can't share it with copywritten music. Special thanks to Bruce Vanoven for getting me a DVD copy of this gem!

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