It never fails, every year around the holidays there are some homes that just go all out.  I personally am very appreciative of these people, because driving around to look at Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday traditions! There's one house in Evansville that goes above and beyond!

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If you haven't had the chance to check out the Lights on Pamona house, you will have to add this to your list of "must-see" homes for next Christmas! This house goes above and beyond!  Not only do they have incredible lights that are synced to music, they also give away candies and have a donation box out front.  This year they decided to raise money for Autism Evansville, and they just announced they raised over $2,000!

Here's what Lights on Pamona said about the donation:

Another year in the books, we're about to start tearing down and storing props. This year we played 24 different songs, with a different show every night of the week. We handed out nearly 2,000 candy canes and saw a lot of smiling faces.
In addition to all the fun, we generated $2,200 for Autism Evansville. This weekend they had a free event for families with an autistic child at Sky Zone. They also host parent support meetings that allow parents to get together to talk about their experiences. Additionally, they provide vouchers to help families afford products and services not covered by insurance.
This is awesome! Lights on Pamona is located on Pamona Drive on Evansville's east side, and if you get the chance you definitely need to check it out! Their show is next level! And if you're a horror fan, you'll love the Halloween show that they do in October! To make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming Lights on Pamona shows, follow their Facebook page, here.
To get a taste of what you can see at Lights on Pamona, check out this Christmas lights video they shared:

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