Honda has some big plans for the next several years in North America. The automobile juggernaut made an announcement this week that will lead to major changes at several plants in North America, including here in Indiana.

Honda EV
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It's Electric!

The announcement and all of the subsequent changes revolve around Honda's push toward the production of electric vehicles (EVs) in North America. Here's what Honda said about the plan in a recent press release:

In October 2022, Honda announced that it would invest $700 million to retool several of its existing auto and powertrain plants to establish the new EV Hub in Ohio, to prepare for the production* of battery electric vehicles in 2026. The Marysville Auto Plant (MAP), where Honda began auto production in America in 1982, will be Honda’s first auto plant in the U.S. to transition to making EVs. This EV Hub will play a key role in developing the company's knowledge and expertise in EV production that will be shared across Honda's entire North American auto production network in the coming years, even as many Honda plants continue production of gasoline-powered vehicles.
2023 Honda Accord Hybrid
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What's Happening in Indiana?

As mentioned above, the Marysville, OH, plant will become the home of the new EV Hub, but that plant is also currently running two assembly lines for one of Honda's core vehicles - the Accord. The new plan is to move production of the popular sedan to the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP), located in Greensburg, IN. Honda says "Based on the planned consolidation of production lines at MAP, production of the Honda Accord will transfer to the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) in 2025. This will maintain production volume of an important core model for Honda customers, while enabling MAP to transition to EV production."

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