Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Something about the darkness outside, and hearing a spooky tale that sends shivers down your spine is just the perfect addition to a nice night. I remember as a kid my friends and I would tell some ghost tales (that we probably made up, or heard somewhere) and would scare the crap out of each other. Ever since then, I've always loved learning about the creepier things, and I'm fascinated with the haunted history of places.

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If you're a fan of the strange and unusual too, this may be perfect for you, Haunted New Harmony has added an After Dark ghost walk, where you can enjoy the haunted history of New Harmony, but the darker side to it.

What is Haunted New Harmony?

Haunted New Harmony is a New Harmony-based business that explores New Harmony, Indiana's spooky past. They offer ghost walks around town and even paranormal investigations. They now offer two different types of ghost walks, the original and After Dark.


Haunted New Harmony's original Ghost Walk

Per the Haunted New Harmony website, here is what the original ghost walk entails:

Are you brave enough to walk the haunted streets of this intriguing town? When darkness falls, this quaint little town becomes decisively eerie. New Harmony, Indiana, is the site of two Utopian societies and many of its former occupants never left. Join us as we walk the moonlit streets and talk about the history and hauntings that set this town apart. Sometimes, the ghosts even come out to play. Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks are 90 minutes long and are $15 per person. Tickets are non-refundable, but rescheduling accommodations can be made provided they are made within one week prior to the Ghost Walk. This Ghost Walk meets in front of Thrall’s Opera House (612 Church Street)

What's the new After Dark ghost walk?

Per the Haunted New Harmony website:

Welcome to the Dark Side! Over the years, we’ve had a chance to explore other areas of New Harmony and we’ve put together a brand new ghost walk. Take a walk with us on the dark side of town where the stories get even more intriguing. This walk is also 90 minutes long and are $15 per person. This Ghost Walk meets on the corner of Church and Main Streets (along the Main Street side of Sarah’s Harmony Way).


Want to go on a Haunted New Harmont Ghost Walk?

Good news! Haunted New Harmony hosts ghost walks all the time! If you're interested in going on one, you can purchase tickets for the date you want, here.

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