We're all familiar with the Five-Second Rule, even if you don't agree or abide by it. If you drop some food on the floor, you have approximately five seconds to pick it up before it is deemed 'inedible' by society. Some folks, like my partner Liberty, subscribe to the notion that any food that hits the floor, for any amount of time, should be thrown away immediately. I am NOT in that camp - in fact, I probably lean too far the other way when it comes to my food. My most recent Cubicle Confession is a perfect example of that philosophy.

Let's assume that you do believe in and follow the Five-Second Rule, do you have any limitations? What if your food lies on the floor for more than five seconds - how long do you go before you give up on your grub? And what about where your food lands - what kind of surfaces are eliminated from the Five-Second Rule?

I've picked up food from a lot of different places in my lifetime, places and floors that no one would consider to be clean, but I can't recall ever eating food that fell on the concrete. Even just typing it now makes me feel a little bit ashamed. In my defense, I was in a hungry and in a hurry, I didn't want to get back out, I didn't want to spend to spend anymore money, and I carefully examined the burger before making my decision.

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