How well do you think you know Gary LeVox? Do you even know who Gary LeVox is? You may not recognize the name, but I bet you recognize the face, and you'll definitely recognize the voice. Gary LeVox is best known as the lead singer for Rascal Flatts. After 20 years with the band, and entertaining millions of country music fans all around the world, Gary is trying something new - a solo record and tour.

Gary's new album is called The Distance - it's available now - and his tour is making a stop in Evansville, at the Victory Theatre, on Thursday, October 14th. Tickets are available now at the Ford Center box office or online at Another way to get tickets to the show is to win them from us.

How Can I Win Gary LeVox Tickets?

To answer that question, let me go back to the very first line of this article...How well do you think you know Gary LeVox? I'll follow that up with another question...How well do you think you know my partner Liberty? Those questions are important because we're giving away tickets by playing a game called 'LeVox or Liberty.' Each morning at 7am, during the Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest, we will give you one statement, one interesting fact. You will have to tell us if that fact is about Gary LeVox or Liberty. Makes sense? Here's an easy example...

Q: This person is the former lead singer of Rascal Flatts. Is that Lavox or Liberty?

The answer is obviously Gary LeVox. See? Simple, except our questions won't be quite that obvious.

Listen to the MY Morning Show with Bobby & Liberty for your next chance to win. Good luck!

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