I remember the first time I saw/heard Big Bad Voodoo Daddy like it was yesterday. It was actually 1996 and a group of buddies and I went to the movie theatre to see Swingers. One of my first thoughts, after seeing the flick, was that I had to get the soundtrack, which I did. I was super excited to see that the soundtrack included not one, not two, but three swinging songs from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I was hooked.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy first hit the music scene in 1993 and has been touring pretty much nonstop since, playing an average of 150 shows each year. So this year, the boys in the band (and all of their fans) are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and you get to celebrate with them in Evansville.

  • What: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • When: Sunday, September 24 at 7pm
  • Where: Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville
  • Tickets: Still available at the Ford Center box office, online at Ticketmaster.com, and you could tickets this week (keep reading to find out how).
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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s efforts to promote and revitalize swing music have taken shape as much more than a simple tribute. Taking inspiration from the creators of this uniquely American art form, the band’s original horn-infused music, and legendary high-energy show introduces the genre to a new and younger generation while remaining cognizant and respectful of the music’s rich legacy.

How to Win Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Tickets

Since the world first learned about Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in the 1990s, we're gonna make you answer some 90s trivia questions in order to win tickets. Listen each day at 7am for your cue to call and play the Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest. If you are caller #5 to (812)421-1117, and you correctly answer our question, you will win a pair of tickets to the show at the Victory Theatre on September 24th.

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