The music of QUEEN, especially the talent, showmanship, and voice of Freddie Mercury, is some of the most recognizable and often imitated music in the world. You better have some serious vocal chops if you intend to get on stage and perform as Freddie - those are some mighty big shoes to fill. There is a fella named Patrick Myers who has proven, time and again, that he and his band have what it takes.


Patrick Myers is the frontman for KILLER QUEEN: A Tribute to Queen. He has the look and the personality down, and most importantly, he has the voice. Patrick and the band bring Queen's music to life on stage every night, entertaining thousands and thousands of fans all around the world. Now, KILLER QUEEN is bringing the show to Southern Indiana.

KILLER QUEEN Will Rock Evansville

A Tribute to Queen will play at the Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville on Monday, March 20, 2023. Tickets are on sale now and are available at the Ford Center box office and online at This week you have chances to win tickets on MY105.3.

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How to Win Killer Queen Tickets

Your chance to win happens each weekday at 7am during the MY Morning Show with Bobby & Liberty. In order to win, you'll need to be caller #5 (when we tell you to call) at 812-421-1117play a game we call "Queen Rewind." As you can imagine, the game involves identifying a Queen song played in reverse.

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A thread runs through it all: a hard-won sense of individuality. Queen were a band like no other.

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