My 'Guy' Guy Fieri has been making the talk show circuit in the past week. Guy is promoting the new 'Tournament of Champions' coming to The Food Network Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

You know the bracket thingys people fill out in March, in hopes of picking the winning basketball teams? Well, this show is like that, except the 'Sweet 16' have already been selected and they are all world-class chefs. So, just who are 'The best of the best'?

Alex Guarnaschelli: No. 1 Seed, East Coast

You know Alex from Iron Chef, she has a Tournament Champ trophy from 'Guys Grocery Games', she's the host of her own show, 'Supermarket Stakeout', and she's just straight-up competitive.

Marc Murphy: No. 2 Seed, East Coast

Marc is a frequent judge on 'Chopped', and is usually cool as a cucumber. That might change, if the randomizer gives him durian fruit to work with - He hates that.

Rocco DiSpirito: No. 3 Seed, East Coast

A list of world-class chefs would not be complete without Rocco. He has a lot of experience with cooking competitions like this one. He was crowned the winner of Guy's Grocery Games Superstar Battle in 2017.

Amanda Freitag: No. 4 Seed, East Coast

I can honestly say that I'm not really familiar with Amanda, just by hearing her name. You'll recognize her as a judge on Chopped.

Elizabeth Falkner: No. 5 Seed, East Coast

Elizabeth has been cooking since 1990. She's gone on record to say that she doesn't like to work with sugary foods.

Maneet Chauhan: No. 6 Seed, East Coast

Maneet's cooking style is ‎Global Fusion, and she has cooked under pressure at several top restaurants in New York.

Christian Petroni: No. 7 Seed, East Coast

Christian is following in the footsteps of Guy Fieri, as the winner of season 14 of Next Food Network Star.

Darnell Ferguson: No. 8 Seed, East Coast

You'll recognize Darnell from his appearances (And wins) on Guys Grocery Games, and his Louisville restaurant has been featured on Triple D.

Antonia Lofaso: No. 1 Seed, West Coast

Antonia takes her cooking very seriously, that's why I have her picked to win it all on my bracket.

Michael Voltaggio: No. 2 Seed, West Coast

He's already won season 6 of Top Chef, and while that show seems a little fancier than a tournament, don't count him out. He actually beat his brother for that title.

Eric Greenspan: No. 3 Seed, West Coast

If the randomizer lands on cheese, look out - Eric could definitely win his round, with his favorite ingredient.

Beau MacMillan: No. 4 Seed, West Coast

'BeauMac' is an executive chef at an upscale resort in Arizona. Oh, and he's also an Iron Chef.

Richard Blais: No. 5 Seed, West Coast

He didn't win his season of Top Chef, but he did return to win the Top Chef: All-Stars. Richard is a regular on Triple G and his favorite side dish is mashed rutabaga.

Jet Tila: No. 6 Seed, West Coast

Jet is very recognizable from his appearances on Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, Guy's Grocery Games, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Brooke Williamson: No. 7 Seed, West Coast

Brooke is a rookie in the world of celebrity chefs, but she is the youngest female chef to ever cook at the James Beard House.

Marcel Vigneron: No. 8 Seed, West Coast

I filled out my bracket, and so did my husband. We have a friendly wager on who will win. I'm a little concerned after seeing his picks.

Liberty's Bracket

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Liberty's TOC Bracket Screenshot

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