There's so much to see at the Windsor Castle in all it's beauty and history.  During my visit there 5 months ago, one of the activities that routinely takes place is called the Changing of the Guard. 

Mike and I had just arrived in a taxi outside Windsor Castle on our last day in England and we were very lucky to catch the end of the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard.  This event takes place routinely at 11 am on the parade ground in the Lower Ward.  Watch to the end as it appears there was a guard out of line!  [Video]

To watch the entire Changing of the Guard ceremony which normally lasts about 30 have to pay to go into the Castle. We wished we could've seen the entire ceremony, but, just caught the end as they were marching out onto the public street.

Our visit was one we'll never forget. We were told that if the flag was flying above the castle, that meant the Queen was there.  We didn't get a glimpse of her, but, just knowing she was in the castle somewhere was pretty cool!  I'd love to go back again!

Here's some pics I took outside the Castle. (They wouldn't let you take any pics inside!)



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