Soon, you'll be able to test your Ninja Warrior skills at Sky Zone Evansville!

If you've visited Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park recently, you no doubt saw a lot of construction going on. They have removed one dodge ball court to make way for 4 new attractions. Check out this sneak peek into the renovations!

New Attractions:

Ninja Warrior Course: You'll enter a jumper and exit a warrior! For athletes looking to push themselves, the Ninja Warrior Course will put your abilities to the test. Take on a variety of obstacles in a test of speed, strength, and agility.

Warped Wall: Think you can conquer the tricky curved incline of the Warped Wall? Featuring platforms of different heights, the Warped Wall will bring out the best of the athlete in everyone (Even Bobby)!

FreeClimb: It's just you and the wall—no harness necessary. Put your strength and stamina to the test as you hang over the pit, freeclimbing this challenging bouldering wall.

SkyJoust: Battle your friends to the finish and reign supreme. SkyJoust is gladiator-style combat, taking place on pedestals over a foam pit or air bag. If you can keep your balance, you've still got to knock the other contestants off of theirs.

The new attractions are scheduled to open soon. Oh, and the best part...they are all included in the Sky Zone experience, with just 1 price!

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