I was tweeting with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 today!  Last night during NBC's The Voice, I tweeted Adam Levine how impressed I was with Addison Agen's performance.  He asked me how long had I been a fan. 

So, I replied back to Adam that I'd been a fan for 15 years!  Then during our conversation, things just didn't sound right.  I was interested in getting some tickets to one of his shows and he put me in touch with his "agent."  The so-called agent told me to go ahead and make the purchase of 10 tickets and that 6 tickets would be discounted if I purchased them today.  I showed several people at the station my conversation only to find out it wasn't the REAL Adam Levine.  It was a fake twitter account.  WHAT?  Not me!

Some sick dude was impersonating Adam Levine and I didn't check to make sure there was a blue check mark beside his name and how many followers he had.

This is the Fake Adam Levine Twitter Account

Fake Adam Levin Twitter Account; credit by Deb Turner
Fake Adam Levin Twitter Account; credit by Deb Turner

So, please be sure to check for the blue check mark beside the artist's name and don't give out personal information!


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