Mickey's Kingdom is a very special park, named after a very special girl, Mickey Phernetton. She is the daughter of Evansville Police Department, Sgt. Patrick Phernetton. Mickey suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes constant hunger, and other difficulties.

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Mickey's Kingdom is Special to All of Us

Part of the all-inclusive park was built by volunteers during a 10-day community build. We were a part of that, so we feel a sense of ownership when it comes to Mickey's Kingdom. There is actually a Clean Team for every day of the month. The Evansville Parks and Recreation Department does its part, of course, this is just another way to ensure that the park stays clean and safe.

No Place for Vandals

For reasons that I will never understand, some people will always feel the need to destroy property that isn't theirs. A family-centered children's park is certainly not the place for broken glass, cigarette butts, or graffiti. Unfortunately, those things have all been found at Mickey's Kingdom.

Before: We had to censor the profanity. Photo_ Cindy Tudors
Before: We had to censor the profanity.
Photo_ Cindy Tudors

 Volunteers to the Rescue

Early one Saturday morning, a group of volunteers saw a social media post that there was a lot of broken glass all over the park. Within the hour the dangerous mess had been cleaned up.

Another morning when I was helping at Mickey's Kingdom, we discovered graffiti on some of the equipment. Volunteer Kevin Winschief came in clutch when it came time to remove the graffiti. He happens to work for Advanced Disposal and has professional-strength cleaners right there on his truck. Even with pro spray and a lot of elbow grease, it was a challenge to get all of the profanity off of it.

Kevin really scrubbed the permanent marker. Photo: Liberty
Kevin really scrubbed the permanent marker. Photo: Liberty

Evansville Officer Cleans Grafitti

We've had several days of beautiful weather here in Evansville, and that has brought out the vandals. Thanks to Crime Prevention Officer Sandullo and Slay's Restoration for removing this ugliness before more kids could see it.

This morning, Crime Prevention Officer Sandullo removed graffiti from Mickey’s Kingdom. CPO’s located the graffiti quickly and were able to remove it even faster. Keeping Mickey's Kingdom safe and clean is a priority - we are grateful for those who help clean and maintain the playground. Mounted cameras and citizens who report issues to the police department have been helpful in our endeavor to keep it safe and clean.
A big thank you to Slay's Restoration for continuing to supply our Crime Prevention Office with the supplies needed to continue to remove graffiti from around our city.
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